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About Us


Early Beginnings

Our story started in 2003 when our eldest son was turning  one years old.  For his birthday party, I wanted to find a bakery to make Elmo's head, since that was his favorite cartoon character and the theme of his party.  To my surprise, a cake made in the image of Elmo's head cost more than one of his entire body.  Shocked, I asked the bakery where I could find the tools to make the cake myself.   Astonished, my wife suggested I not do this for our son's first birthday.  Nevertheless, I insisted.  However, my clever wife had a backup plan.  She purchased a cake from Sam's.   As the story goes, we were both surprised after the party, because the Elmo cake to your left was eaten alive, and the Sam's cake...well, let's just say we had cake for several days following the party.  This was the moment The Baker's Man was established.